BBUMAR – Logo Design For A Livestock Market

In Nigeria, selling Ram is good business especially during Muslim festive celebrations. If you can afford it, as a Muslim, you’re expected to kill and share the meat with your friends and family during the Eid-El-Fitri (Sallah) and Eid-Ul-Adha celebrations.

Rams are usually sold all around the year but livestock markets like BBUMAR, tend to make more money during the Islamic celebrations. As expected, the prices are always double.

According to, the average price of a ram for consumers Islamic festive period is N40,000. When you multiply this by the number of rams you sell, you will be making up to N1,000,000. That leaves you with N450,000, which is about 40% profit margin.

Although the profit is quite attractive, most of Nigerian Ram dealers do not concern themselves with branding. This is not the case for our client, BBUMAR, Mr. Nasir is quite keen on the whole branding idea.

BBUMAR Logo Design

Mr. Nasir needed a simple log that illustrates his business, BBUMAR Livestock Market.

His requirements are the simplest of all time. He had no specific color in mind and simply wanted the BBUMAR logo to be catchy and tell the life of the company.

For the logo description, Mr. Nasir wanted the head of a Nigerian bred Ram. As you can see, we delivered exactly what he wanted.

What we did

  • Logo Design
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