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There are thousands of websites designed to help internet users with all genres of music including lyrics, but a good number of them don’t pay much attention to Gospel music.

In most cases, “No result found” is what you get when you search for a well-known Nigerian Gospel single and this is quite normal. These websites are looking to attract more visitors, so they need to display what individuals are mostly searching for.

Gospofy is a Gospel Music Platform which is exclusive to Gospel content. The website is developed to reduce the hassle involved in getting authentic and high-quality Nigerian gospel music. This also includes lyrics, audios and videos.

All around the world, Gospel music keeps getting better by the day and Gospofy majorly exists to promote the trend. This includes Gospel artists as well as notable Christian news in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

With Gospofy, you have access to much more than music. The website brings you an online realm of spirituality, takes out secular distractions and most importantly, propagates the Good News of Christ.

Gospofy Logo Design

Gospofy logo design illustrates the “Play” icon and perfectly explains what the gospel website stands for. It also has three lines drawn across the play button, which connotes a list of songs as well as music lyrics.

The colors used are a gradient of Purple and a deep Pink. According to popular opinion on color psychology, Purple signifies upliftment, encourages creativity and offers a sense of spirituality.

On the other hand, the color Pink represents unconditional love, understanding and it’s also associated with showing and receiving care. Both colors are a perfect representation of the kind of love the Gospel of Christ is sharing through Gospofy.

The Gospofy logo didn’t consume so much time, it was a simple one and above all, it came out perfectly. Also, the brand was inspired was by God, the logo design, of course, was inspired by God too.

What we did

  • Logo Design
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