Harvies Touch – Harvies Touch Logo Design and Business Card

Harvies Touch Logo Design

At the mention of the name Harvies Touch, many thoughts will come to mind. For some, it will be interpreted to mean a fashion design company for others, it will be interpreted to a fashion company but, whatever your interpretation is you will judge that yourself.

There are certain homes and offices you will enter, and your entire body system will change completely because of the offensive odor you are perceiving. A lot of people don’t understand that cleanliness, should be a major routine for everybody which is even for our own benefits. It’s unfortunate that for some people, the reverse is the case because they only pay little or no attention to what their environment.

For some people, they appear very neat outside but when you get to their office, you are in shock because the whole place is in a complete mess because items are not properly arranged and the waste bin is filled and they have no plan to dispose it but every day, they appear like slay kings and queens.

Harviestouch is a cleaning company located in Lagos. They offer a wide range of cleaning services for apartments, interior decoration and space optimization their tagline says it all “the clutter warriors”. The same way you are passionate about your job so is Harvies Touch too, they don’t tolerate dirt of any kind they find it and get it out with their improved system of tackling any nature of dirt.

Project Summary 

Creating a logo and producing the business card for Harvies Touch took a lot from us at Aggital Works. We had to develop a strategy that will help us produce the best design for what they represent. So, we had to first understand the meaning of each word then the net phase was categorizing the words and then we proceed into representing the categorized words with fitted images.

After designing the logo and getting approval from our clients, we got into the net phase of the project will be the production of business cards. We were intention about this so, we carefully chose the right fonts and card design template. So, if you are searching for a creative agency that will interpret your reality, think Aggital Works.

What we did

  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Logo Concept
  • Design Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Mocks
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