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InstaHandler Website

At the moment, Instagram has become a strategic marketing tool for millions of business owners around the world. The application has over 150 million users, 16 billion photo shares, and 1.2 billion average daily likes. Yes, Facebook beats these figures, but Instagram is still an almost perfect marketing platform.

However, you could have a working account but it might not be recognized by your preferred users. If you eventually get your preferred audience, making money from them will cost much more than uploading filtered product images.

If you must thrive in this online market, you have to constantly “engage” your followers in order to gain their trust. Along with all this work, you also need to monitor your physical audience, this is where you need to get help.

We designed the InstaHandler Website as well as the InstaHandler Logo which completely depicts what the web application stands for. The application has been programmed to help you grow your account organically while you focus on other important business activities.

InstaHandler Logo Design

With InstaHandler, you can schedule posts to any date; all you need do is get your images and caption ready. The application also allows targeted automatons that include Follow, Unfollow, Likes, Comments, Direct Messages, Reposts, etc. Note: all automation can be targeted by hashtags, locations, and accounts.

At the moment, InstaHandler is available as just a web application, the mobile application would be launched soon enough.

Aggital designed an InstaHandler logo which blends perfectly with the purpose of the application. Since its associated with Instagram, we made sure it looks something a bit closer to the original Instagram logo. The logo carries a “Head Figure” which represents the “Handler”, this makes it much more identifiable.

Our work isn’t so complicated, we make sure it’s simple and classy as well. You can view the InstaHandler Logo and if you’d like us to help out with a similar design, kindly send us a message now.

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