Lemmich Apparel Logo Design & Corporate Identity

Logo Design & Corporate Identity

Lemmich Apparel Logo Design

Lemmich Apparel is a clothing company for ladies who want to always be dolled up in classic African print. Based in Atlanta, U.S.A, Lemmich Apparels make the best and affordable outfits with ethnic materials.  They produce beautiful, chic and affordable pieces for their customers.

Particularly, customers pick the prints that suits them best as well as designs. Lemmich Apparel just do their usual magic. They sew the materials into very stylish and elegant ready-made outfits. Either a customer wants a traditional fit, the regular office trend, or whatever ideas she has running in her head, they can make it happen. Lemmich Apparel’s professional tailors always see to this.

Notably, the founder of the company named the business after her two lovely kids, Lemuel and Michelle; LEM-MICH. As a result, it created purpose for the essential existence of Lemmich Apparel logo design.

Thus, the company is mostly structured to bring out the beauty of ethnic fashion with a modern, modest and elegant twist. They will also cause you to look effortlessly chic in their beautifully designed pieces.

Project Summary

Consequently, the Lemmich Apparel logo was requested to be created to attract classy, unique and chic ladies. In addition, our client picked certain colors to suit the company’s preference.

We had to alter this a bit but of course, with her permission. Aggital also offered other color ideas from a professional point of view. It definitely related to what she wanted. So, the cust The client wanted something extra, even though the initial color and design went well with them.

As always, we tend to duplicate the picture our clients have in mind as well as transform it into something more exceptional. Similarly, we simply fulfilled the Lemmich Apparel logo design wish and of course, we added Aggital’s exclusive extra sauce.

What we did

  • Concept
  • Design Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Mocks
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