Oge Logo Design – A Beauty Brand For Ladies

Oge Logo Design

The word “Oge” is actually a Yoruba word; the Yoruba people translate “Oge” to mean “Beauty“. They mostly refer to anything that relates to feminine beauty as Oge, hence, the brand name.

Oge, just as the name depicts, focuses on ladies hair, ladies accessories, as well as facial treatments and cosmetics. Basically, the brand is targetted at ladies aged between 18-50 in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Zimbabwe mostly.

According to our client, the Oge logo should portray anything that relates to class, style, fashion and trendy beauty occurrences. Initially, the colors she suggested were Turquoise, deep Pink or Red but in the long haul, color Purple made it to the last lap.

In addition, our client requested the logo focuses on the letter O; a bold and stylish letter O that cannot be confused with any other brand either locally or internationally.

Oge Logo Design

We understand what ladies love to see and its only natural that they’re attracted to beautiful illustrations. She wanted the letter O to appear as beautiful as possible and we simply made sure it carried a pretty face.

Along with the pretty face, the typographic logo also shows a long eyelash, a drawn eyebrow, and a long hair too. This encompasses virtually everything the Oge brand stands for. The letter design, also, looks very much feminine and draws so much attention to itself.

Before arriving at the final logo, we designed a logo that carries the letter O. The logo came with a feminine hand stretched towards some butterflies. This was good too, but it didn’t really appeal to the ladies. In the end, we had to go with a design that hijacks as much attention as necessary.

Our client, as expected, eventually picked the Oge logo that carries the pretty face and we got a satisfying feedback.

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